We are proud to say that DMSO HOLDINGS (The company that owns Healthy Sage) has FDA certifications for both Food and Cosmetic importation and trading, our facilities also have multiple license to operate from the FDA. So, yes we are FDA approved.

All of our formulations are handled by our partners and laboratories in Japan, every product undergoes strict compliance with the FDA and also other regulatory bodies. We have sold over 150,000+ packages nationwide with 5-Star Reviews

All formulations and manufacturing is sourced from Japan.

All of our products have special ingredients that are proven to improve certain ailments and support certain body part; but we do not guarantee results as it also depends on the lifestyle and habits of the customer if it will work on him/her as effectively as it has worked on others.

All of our products were made with the consideration of most people’s habits and maintenance, meaning we generally don’t include ingredients that are high risk for certain individuals. But, we recommend that the customers consult their doctors first before trying our products.

In the same regards with maintenance, our products are generally safe for everyone. But, for complete assurance we recommend they consult their doctors first.

Yes, Vitabears has a local trademark here in the Philippines. But, we are pushing to have our brand to be known in the international sector.

Results may vary. Some of our customers see results in just 14 days, some after 2 months. Regularly we state that it’s best to wait for 3 months coupled with a healthy diet to see visible results.

Yes, our distributorship program has exclusive zones to equalize the scope and limitations of each distributors and have a fair demographic reach. You can learn more by joining our group in THIS LINK.